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Aquamarine is a Dubai-based company, specialized in importing and exporting a wide range of excellent quality coffee beans. We aspire to become pioneers at providing the UAE market and supplying our products to every coffee shop. 

Our philosophy is simple, it is not only about serving the perfect cup of coffee, but it is about the process of picking and the art of roasting the beans. 

Our main premise is importing green coffee beans, from rich origins all over the world. In addition to exporting roasted coffee beans, locally and internationally. 

We are committed to conducting and promoting fair trade practices with coffee farms and other suppliers. We also ensure full transparency in our operations, to guarantee outstanding customer services and in return their satisfaction. 

Aquamarine coffee blends enticing aromas paired with an irresistible taste, creates an unforgettable experience with every sip. 

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Coffee Green Beans

Our expertise lies in scouting the finest green beans from elite locations and then administering the importing process. Our broad range of green coffee beans will astonish and impress. All our green coffee beans are organically sourced from popular worldly origins, famous for their quality and taste, like Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya and Vietnam.

Roasted Coffee Beans

Aquamarine is an established roastery; we carefully hand roast a fine selection of specialty beans sourced from prominent growers worldwide. We offer in-house exclusive varieties of blends like Turkish, Saudi, Emirati, and Espresso, and all specialty coffee requirements. ​

Private Labeling

If you're interested in creating a superior coffee brand, Aquamarine is the right choice for you! Whether you need assistance in creating your roasted coffee from scratch, or you're looking for packaging services, we’re here to make your project come to life. We do all the work for you! You can buy products and later sell them with your branding, without worrying about manufacturing, and you can always customize and alter any blend to suit your brand. You can be assured of success when you’re buying our popular and already market-tested products. And finally, you’ll be able to confidently advertise and sell your desired product.

Our Services



Trips/ MYQ

Coffee's best companion and our second most exclusive product. We import fresh, green, and locally farmed cardamom from the world’s top suppliers like India and Guatemala. This product is the best option for Turkish coffee.


Earthy and robust, aromatic and intense in the best way. The ideal punch of taste to elevate your coffee blend. Our green cardamom is freshly imported from top farming locations like Guatemala and India.

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